Rural Electrification has been & would remain a vital program of rural areas to ensure their rapid economic development. Despite lots of efforts made by Govt. of India more than 400 million Indians still do not have access to electricity as the electrification rate is 93.1% in Urban Areas & only 52.5% in Rural Areas. Energy Security & Energy Access are the main catalyst for poverty reduction & improving living conditions in rural areas and thus promoting National & International growth. More than 50% of India’s populations are below the age of 25 years and most of them live in rural areas with hardly any employment potential, causing large scale migration to cities, leading to serious overcrowding in cities.

Urja GRAM has come up with a solution for sustainable integrated Rural Development of villages by providing Electricity to run micro-level industries during day time and lighting of the village during night by independent, decentralized power generation using Renewable Energy Sources. By this process, a number of micro-level industries as given below may be established to create rural employment, better earning and can prevent the process of migration to cities.


Micro-Enterprise Development

  •  Atta Chakki
  •  Masala Udyog
  •  Oil Expeller
  •  Pellet Machine


Advantages of Installation "Urja" GRAM

  •  Energy Plantation & Village Electrification.
  •  Better utilization of unused land
  •  Reduce Soil Erosion & Flood Control.
  •  Development of Small & Micro Enterprise
  •  Help employment generation.
  •  Prevents Migration.
  •  Reduce Global Warming & Ecological System.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the advantages of installation of "URJA BIOMASS GASIFIER" ?

    Low cost Power Generation - [65% - 85% diesel saving in DG Set/Engine]
    Low cost Thermal Application - [85% - 100% diesel / F.O / LPG saving in furnace / oven / Boilers, etc.]
    Pollution Free & reduces Green Houses Gas Emission & Acid rain and Waste Management Benefits .

  • What is advantage of Traditional Cremation System ?

    It is 100% as per Hindu Sentiments.
    Wood consumption less than 120 Kg.
    Cremation done in around 1.5 hour
    It will be Almost pollution free.
    Significant reduction in Global Warming
    Reduce deforestation, & desilting, reduce soil pollution and landslide

  • What Is Advantage Of Urja Eco Burn ?

    Energy Plantation & Village Electrification.
    Better utilization of unused land
    Reduce Soil Erosion & Flood Control.
    Development of Small & Micro Enterprise.
    Help employment generation.
    Prevents migration.
    Reduce Global Warming & Ecological System

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