URJA Eco Burn



Young girls handle the menstruation period very differently as compared to women’s as they are not familiar with such problems, hence they hide their used napkins / pad under bed or behind cupboards & look for easy solution to dispose of, either they throw on road side garbage bin / place or water drain line, or even flush down in toilets.

Sanitary Napkins are highly absorbent & when thrown in drain line, it chokes the sewage system and pollute the streams & rivers cause hormonal changes in wild life and enable harmful organism to enter the food chain. Drainage of sanitary napkins in rest rooms / wash rooms leads to blockage of toilets & involve huge cost of maintenance. Correct & proper way to dispose of the used Sanitary Napkin is by burning in a closed chamber and converting it to Sterile Ash. This can be best achieved with the help of URJA ECO BURN.


Salient features:


  •  URJA ECO BURN is designed in such a way to destroy the Soiled Napkins, both scientifically and hygienically. Full care has been taken of all 3Ts [Temperature, Time & Turbulence] for complete combustion.
  •  Advance Technology & Electrically operated.
  •  Automatic Power & Heat cut off through DTC.
  •  Compact in size, lightweight & wall mounted.
  •  Residue Ash less than 1 grams & can be collected in tray located at the bottom of the incinerator.
  •  Inbuilt Smoke removal unit & the flue gas is discharged through flue gas duct. Virtually smoke & odor-free.
  •  URJA ECO BURN is provided with ceramic insulation for excellent thermal protection.



  •  Prevent drainage & line chocking.
  •  Add hygiene to your life and campus & keep the environment safe & clean.


Where to Use.

Girls School and Colleges, Women Hostels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls & Complexes, Airport, Corporate Office& Factories, Hotel, Railway Station, Bus Station, Public Toilets, Waiting / Rest Room, Movie Halls, and Women Jails & Thana.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the advantages of installation of "URJA BIOMASS GASIFIER" ?

    Low cost Power Generation - [65% - 85% diesel saving in DG Set/Engine]
    Low cost Thermal Application - [85% - 100% diesel / F.O / LPG saving in furnace / oven / Boilers, etc.]
    Pollution Free & reduces Green Houses Gas Emission & Acid rain and Waste Management Benefits .

  • What is advantage of Traditional Cremation System ?

    It is 100% as per Hindu Sentiments.
    Wood consumption less than 120 Kg.
    Cremation done in around 1.5 hour
    It will be Almost pollution free.
    Significant reduction in Global Warming
    Reduce deforestation, & desilting, reduce soil pollution and landslide

  • What Is Advantage Of Urja Eco Burn ?

    Energy Plantation & Village Electrification.
    Better utilization of unused land
    Reduce Soil Erosion & Flood Control.
    Development of Small & Micro Enterprise.
    Help employment generation.
    Prevents migration.
    Reduce Global Warming & Ecological System