URJA Biomass Gasifier


“URJA” Biomass Gasifier is a thermochemical catalytic Converter/Reactor where various physical & chemical reactions take place. Biomass is passed through various Zones – Drying/ Distillation Zone, Pyrolysis Zone, Combustion Zone & Reduction Zone. When the biomass is passed through all the above Zones, it gets converted into a high quality combustible gas called Producer Gas, which is a low caloric, low pressure gas that can be combusted for low cost Heat & Power generation etc.


Salient Features

  •  High Conversion efficiency from solid Biomass to gaseous fuel 85% in hot gas mode.
  •  Each Kg of Biomass Producer 2.5 m3 of gas having an average calorific value of 1050 Kcal / m3.
  •  1 liter of diesel fuel can be saved from 4Kg of wood or 5Kg of Rice Husk.


Advantages of Installation "Urja" Biomass Gasifire

  •  Low cost Power Generation [ 65% - 85% diesel saving in DG Set / Engine ]
  •  Pollution Free & reduces Green Houses Gas Emission & Acid rain.
  •  Waste Management Benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the advantages of installation of "URJA BIOMASS GASIFIER" ?

    Low cost Power Generation - [65% - 85% diesel saving in DG Set/Engine]
    Low cost Thermal Application - [85% - 100% diesel / F.O / LPG saving in furnace / oven / Boilers, etc.]
    Pollution Free & reduces Green Houses Gas Emission & Acid rain and Waste Management Benefits .

  • What is advantage of Traditional Cremation System ?

    It is 100% as per Hindu Sentiments.
    Wood consumption less than 120 Kg.
    Cremation done in around 1.5 hour
    It will be Almost pollution free.
    Significant reduction in Global Warming
    Reduce deforestation, & desilting, reduce soil pollution and landslide

  • What Is Advantage Of Urja Eco Burn ?

    Energy Plantation & Village Electrification.
    Better utilization of unused land
    Reduce Soil Erosion & Flood Control.
    Development of Small & Micro Enterprise.
    Help employment generation.
    Prevents migration.
    Reduce Global Warming & Ecological System