Antyeshti System

Antyeshti System

[ Pollution free Traditional Wood Based Cremation System ]

Antyeshti is a most modern energy efficient and eco-friendly cremation system to criminate the dear ones. Antyeshti is so designed that the cremation is carried out at a minimum interval of time with minimum Fuel & care has been taken of all the 3Ts [ Temperature, Time & turbulence] to ensure complete combustion.

A most modern pollution control system has been incorporated to tap all the poisonous/ hazardous & toxic gases, particulate matter, smoke & odor. All the Toxic gases & pollutants are scrubbed with water & the cool and clean gas is released to the environment through chimney.




  •  100% as per Hindu Sentiments
  •  Wood consumption less than 120 Kg.
  •  Cremation done in around 1.5 hour
  •  Almost pollution free .
  •  Significant reduction in Global Warming.
  •  100% as per Hindu Sentiments
  •  Reduce deforestation, & desilting, reduce soil pollution and landslide.


THE cremation PROCESS in videos